News letter 10 / 16

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Liebe Paten, Mitglieder und Freunde von African Angel e. V.,

es gibt wieder einige interessante Dinge über die wir Sie gerne informieren möchten.

Ende der Schulferien

Auch die schönsten Schulferien gehen einmal zu Ende. Aber bevor die Schulbank wieder gedrückt werden muss, wird das Cottage noch auf Vordermann gebracht. Die älteren Jungs schneiden Hecken und Bäume und machen alles wieder schön.


Die älteren Mädchen kümmern sich um die Hausarbeit


Beginn des neuen Schuljahres

Zum ersten Schultag des neuen Jahres machen sich alle besonders chick.


Unsere Studenten in Kiew

Wir werde absofort in jedem Newsletter über einen unserer 4 Studenten in der Ukraine berichten.


Wir beginnen mit Richard:

Richard berichtet über seine Zeit in Kiew, sein Studium, seine Pläne und seine Freizeitgestaltung.

School has resumed peacefully in Kiev Ukraine and other parts of the country. we are doing well already and everything is moving on smooth by he grace of God and the help of our dear African angel.

In the National Technical University of Ukraine „KPI“ i study International Economics in the faculty of Management and Marketing. I am in my third year now and one year away from obtaining a degree in the specialty. i study in a group of 10 people where we have students from Ecuador Vietnam, China, Azerbaijan and Turkey as well. I am also privileged to be in the same group with Ishmael Lamptey.

I Enjoy taking up the path to be an International Economist to figure out why other economies are progressing and why others are regressing in other to help the regressing economies to get to a level of the progressing ones. I enjoy studying this course because i study in an internal group in school so i learn a lot from them each day. Most of my Group mates comes from developed Economies and developing economics so whenever we prepare course works i learn from them why they have progressed to that level and other countries have not progressed to that level. I want to help the world in the years to come. I Will be completing my Bachelors degree in the year 2018 and i would like to further on with my Masters degree and also PhD in International Economics.

At my Leisure time i like to play games or take a rest. if i have a lot of researchers to do i also use my leisure time to do so. Sometimes i have been playing football with my friends also during my leisure time.

I will like to use this opportunity to thank African Angel for their kind and warm hearts towards us. Especially to my Sponsor Wilfried Katzmierzak i want to say Thank you for this one in a million opportunity.

Best Wishes,

Richard Kwame Quans

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