Nochmal Besuch aus Deutschland; wir sind so gesegnet!

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Dies schrieb Victor Ocansey bei Facebook über seinen Besuch im African Angel Cottage in Ghana:


Help and support the children of „African Angels“ in Ghana: What a wonderful meeting in Accra – such an incredibly strong, driven and compassionate woman who has built (and runs) the African Angel organisation, Harriet Bruce-Annan. Harriet has a very inspiring personal story, and is well known in Germany for her incredible charity work, receiving several awards of achievement for helping kids in the slums of Ghana. At her premises in Accra, she rescues children who are orphans, homeless, living in poverty and/or ‚at high risk‘. We were so happy to visit Harriet and the 90 kids, greeting us with singing and dancing, seeing their home, the way they live and where the donations are invested. We were able to see how the donated furniture, mattresses, clothing and shoes from abroad are put to such good use! Harriet is doing an amazing job, beyond words, but further help is needed. The living standard for these kids is much better than if they remained in the slums – they are safe, educated and happy. However, compared to the daily basics of living we take for granted, their life is still very hard. They have 11 free beds, right now, but they can’t fill them until they have a sponsor for each child. The basic level, including the food and schooling of 1 child, costs 50,00 Euro a month (or, sponsoring an existing child can be as little as 5 euros a month). After witnessing the amazing work that’s being done at African Angels, Ghana, my family are definitely going to sponsor some children. We would encourage anyone who is interested in joining us in helping a child, to check the African Angel.

  • Offene Terrasse auf dem Dach von African Angel.

  • Die Schlafzimmer der Jungs.

  • Die Blbliothek

  • Offener Aufenthaltsraum

  • Harriet mit den Müttern, Mama Patience und Mama Dora.

  • Harriet mit den Müttern, Mama Patience und Mama Dora.

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